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Because the loss of autonomy generates heavy costs (home assistance, accommodation costs in a suitable institution) and to the extent that you do not want to carry this burden on your children, it is important to take out care insurance . It also allows you to pay a capital to adapt your home to your disability.
This insurance requires some preliminary formalities like filling the health questionnaire. The more you are in good health rates will be competitive and the risk of being rejected by a small insurance.
The contracts cover either total dependence or total and partial dependence.

What is the total or heavy dependence?
It is generally defined as the inability to perform certain acts without outside everyday help defined in the contract. When a total or heavy dependence is recognized, the annuity payment is made at 100% of the amount stipulated in the contract.

What is the partial dependency?
It is evaluated according to criteria defined by the contract, for example: need help transferring, moving, grooming, dressing or feeding; when the insured person needs help daily and several times a day for his bodily autonomy.
When the partial dependence is recognized, the amount of the pension paid is a percentage (variable) of the pension provided in case of total dependence.

Additional services
All dependence contracts offer complementary services. It can be of an assistance service to guide and assist the insured dependent to find the appropriate institution to establish home-help services, offering psychological support ...

The price of a care insurance
Care insurance rates depend in particular on the age of the insured at the time of subscription.

Over the insured subscribed later, the higher the risk, the greater the contribution is high. The insurer takes into account the information gathered by the medical officer of the health status of the subscriber to accept or refuse to provide.

Underwriting is preferably considered from 50 years. After 75 years, it is generally possible to ensure.