Collective Pensions Expatriates

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Because in case of expatriation of one of your employees, the statutory scheme established by your business is not valid in the host country of the expatriate, it is essential to cover the most of their social protection overseas simple and convenient way and whatever the host country.

The group protection of expatriate families also allows your employees to benefit expatriates and thus ensure their essential security including some serious cases such as death or disability abroad.

This insurance policy is in place within the companies between management and employees by professional branch. The most obvious benefit of this agreement is that it can cover all the needs of expatriates by comprehensive guarantees social protection "French" while addressing all employees without discrimination.

This insurance policy is generally modular and allows you to cover the specific needs of different situations of your employees while respecting your budget.

The group protection is also a good way of loyalty, motivation and social dialogue with expatriate employees because the employer may bear a large share of pension costs is in addition to the overall remuneration policy.