Collective Health

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Because the health of employees is a key element in the life of business and meet growing delisting of drugs and health benefits from Social Security, a business executive may establish a complementary health.

For employees, the collective pension insurance will aim to ensure an additional level of care for you and your heirs (married or PACS spouse and children). The cost of this protection is less given the cost sharing. Employees benefit from attractive negotiated rates.

For the company, this contract is a retention tool and motivation of employees by making them benefit from an advantageous health system. Contributions made by the company are immediately deductible from taxable income and are exempt from employer's social contributions if he is a binding contract. You can deduct up to 7% of the annual ceiling of social security per year.

To benefit from social and tax advantages, it is important to consider the following formalisms for the implementation of the contract: This contract must be established as part of a collective enterprise agreement; This contract must be established as part of a référundum; The decision is taken unilaterally by the executive.