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Because the Law of 1 August 2008 has implemented the principle known as the polluter pays and established environmental responsibility, it is important to protect the business with tailored solutions that meet your needs.

Because due to your professional activity, environmental damage may have significant financial implications for your business (management of your charges prevention or damage of reparation face contamination of soil, water damage, damage to protected species and natural habitats).

Audience: Any business. For some occupations (classified installations for environmental protection, farms, construction companies...) the responsibility of the operator will be initiated even in the absence of any fault or negligence. The environmental liability insurance may be included in the professional liability insurance or be purchased separately.

Next insurance contracts and subject to the implementation of preventive actions and/or repair, charges can cover: the cost of the damage assessment; preventive measures and repair; the costs of study to determine the remedial actions; administrative, legal and enforcement costs; data collection costs; overheads and costs of monitoring and follow...